Roland Münchow

Translation & Web design.

About me

Ever since studying English, German and Philosophy at the University of Cologne, while holding different jobs as network administrator and webmaster, working with and thinking about language and computers has been a central part of my life (later to be joined by a keen interest in extracting the perfect espresso).

Over the past years I have worked in the book trade, coordinating franchise stores all over Germany, while taking care of the FBML programming on my employer's Facebook Page and dedicating my free time to small translation projects, playing music and keeping up to date with the latest developments on the web.

I am now back in Cologne, working as a full-time freelancer in translation and web design.


With the admittedly tempting possibilities of today's Web, many websites tend to get cluttered up with elements that obscure or divert from its original raison d'être - its content.

Any approach toward creating websites has to strategically question the relation between every element employed in the presentation of its content and the message it aims to convey.

The same, of course, is valid for the practice of translation (and language in general). Staying faithful to an original while adequately transferring it to another idiom replete with its very own set of cultural parameters is a challenge which, for aesthetic and semantic reasons, needs to be faced with clear goals in mind: Simplicity, precision and beauty - striking the perfect balance between form and content.